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«Generous» Pop Up

40 $
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Main characteristics:
Number Pop Ups:
8 pcs
The structure includes:

Preflop Pop Up - 1 pcs.

Preflop 2 Pop Up - 1pcs.
Limp Pop Up - 1pcs.
Flop Pop Up - 1pcs.
Turn Pop Up - 1pcs.
River Pop Up - 1pcs.
Agression Pop Up - 1pcs
Showdown Pop Up - 1pcs
"Generous" is specially designed for SNG and MTT players, as well as MTSNG. It has a number of custom stats that you will not find freely available, as they were created specifically for the "Generous". At first glance, you will see a rather interesting and very calm color scheme that will not cause you any discomfort during a long sessions. As shortly after you will start use "Generous" you will move up by limits faster and a noticeable increase in your ROI.

Costumied Stats:

1) vs Open 

Call vs EP Open
Call vs MP Open
Call vs CO Open
Call vs BTN Open
BB vs SB Open - Call
BB vs SB Open - 3Bet
2) 4 Bet & Squeeze
4Bet Preflop IP
4Bet Preflop OOP
Fold to PF 4Bet After 3Bet
Fold to PF 4Bet After Squeeze
Fold to PF Squeeze as Raiser
Call PF Squeeze As Raiser
Raise PF Squeeze as Raiser
Fold to PF Squeeze as Caller
Call PF Squeeze As Caller
Raise PF Squeeze as Caller
3) Postflop
3Bet Flop after CBet
Bet Flop (limp pot)
Fold to F CBet (limp pot)
TS raise F cbet (limp pot)
Barrel Turn (limp pot) 
Fold to T CBet (limp pot)
TS raise T cbet (limp pot)
Barrel River (limp pot) 
Fold to R CBet (limp pot)
TS raise R cbet (limp pot)
Delayed Turn CBet
Fold to T Delay CBet 
Call T Delay CBet 
Raise T Delay CBet 
Bet River After Delayed Turn CBet
4) Showdown
Won w/o SD
Customize the design
Order a color scheme individually or choose from ready-made sets
Selective purchase
Possibility of purchasing Pop Apos from the kit separately for your choice
The ability to add ready-made Pop Ups from other kits or Pop Ups to order, into the kit you have already purchased
The ability to add, remove or order the rebuilding of stat blocks in yours or purchased from us Pop Apah
The possibility of complete interchangeability of H2N, PT4 and HM2 kits
Permanent Support
We will answer any questions regarding our products
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