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Right now every self-respecting poker player uses so called HUD, however many of them underestimate its capabilities or don't get the maximum out of it. If you want to use the stats at the tables efficiently, you won't be able to go without adapting the HUD to your needs.

Do you want to be absolutely sure that your HUD is perfect for your playing style and multitabling specifics? Then we are you first choice:

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But HUD isn't everything. High quality pop-ups that display all the statistics you need in a very comfortable format give you the ability exploit your opponents' leaks, increase your winrate and reduce the time needed for taking good, profitable decisions.

Creating great pop-ups takes lots of time and effort that you could have spent doing something much more interesting and useful. We are ready to free your time!

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HoldemManager, PokerTracker, Hand2Note — we work with all popular statistics software.


  • You've seen great pop-ups in the video of your favorite coach and want to get the same ones?
  • You've got some opinion on how you pop-ups should look like or possibly even sketches, but no time to do the dirty work?
  • You want to move you favourite pop-up from one software to another, but don't know how?
  • You need some stat that's currently not present in PokerTracker, Holdem Manager or Hand2Note?


No problem! Just contact us, and you'll get all you need in no time!

And that's not all. We offer heat maps for different stats and reports for comparison and evaluation of your game. We also can redesign your pop-ups so that they would look exactly the way you like it.

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You don't want to waste your time and effort on searching the perfect format to display the stats? You want to get all you need in one package and ready to use? Then take a look at our kits.
We have already customized HUD and Pop Ups which will ensure that you have all the statistical support you need at the tables. We offer a wide selection of kits tuned for different purposes. You will easily find the configuration that's perfect for your needs and purposes. 


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In addition, we are happy to offer you a nice bonus, discount or promo so that our cooperation would be even more profitable for you.

We have a lot of partners: poker schools that specialize in cash games and tournaments, player statistics databases, backing, mining. If you are our client, they all are happy to offer you VIP-privileges.

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