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«Varial» Pop Up

29 $
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Main characteristics:
Cash and Zoom
Number Pop Ups:
8 pcs
The structure includes:

Preflop Pop Up - 1 pc

3bet Pop Up - 1 pc

Fold to 3bet Pop Up - 1 pc

Contbet Pop Up - 1 pc

Fold to Contbet Pop Up - 1 pc

Aggression Pop Up - 1 pc

Showdown Pop Up - 1 pc

Steal Pop Up - 1 pc

The first impression is that these Pop Ups a very similar to those which come in Hold'em Manager 2 as a default. Nope, they aren't, trust us! This pack contains stats that ensure the most comfortable and harmonized strategy at SH and FR-tables. Well picked and thoughtfully arranged raise and 3-bet stats will help you win a lot of money preflop. Postflop Pop Ups can be the basis for optimal betting lines, and big pots will be yours at showdown.

Included in the «VARIAL» SET:
Price per set: 38 $
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