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«Wallie» Pop Up

29 $
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Main characteristics:
Number Pop Ups:
7 pcs
The structure includes:

Preflop Pop Up - 1 pc

3bet Pop Up - 1 pc

4bet Pop Up - 1 pc

Contbet Pop Up - 1 pc

Aggression Pop Up - 1 pc

Showdown Pop Up - 1 pc

Steal Pop Up - 1 pc

Successful tournament results requires quality information on how each and every opponent at your table plays. This is what you need these Pop Ups for, and this pack suits the need literally perfect. It's much easier to win chips from a weak player, isn't it? Statistical indicators are of great help both preflop and postflop. Correct ranges give you an important edge over your opponents. Nice color design looks very good to the eye.

Included in the «WALLIE» SET:
Price per set: 43 $
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