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«Kung Fu» Set

47 $
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Main characteristics:
Cash and Zoom
Number Pop Ups:
16 pcs
In the «Kung Fu» Set is included:
1 huds
16 popups
Numbers of statistics in the HUD
Numbers of statistics in the Pop Ups

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This kit contains Pop Ups with a light, non-straining interface that can be used in the poker room Poker Master in a games with Straddle. Moreover, there are a lot of indicators in this set for this position, on the level with the already familiar BB and SB. A large number of Pop Ups will only have a positive effect on your game since all the most necessary statistics for determining the style of the opponent's game is collected in this set. You will easily see how loosely or tightly player opens from early and late positions pre-flop, how often he makes three barrels in a post-flop game and this will help you build the right strategy for the game against your opponent. This set contains statistical HUD, with 18 stats. It is executed in a simple manner, has a compact view at the table and at the same time is very informative and useful.
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