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«Legenden» Package

59 $
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Main characteristics:
Positional and Static
Number Pop Ups:
8 pcs
In the «Legenden» Package is included:
1 hud
8 popups
Numbers of statistics in the HUD
Numbers of statistics in the Pop Ups

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"Legenden" Package is collaboration with the top MTT player "Legenden". This is very multipurpose HUD and intuitively simple so it will suite players from beginner to advanced level, because it's very classical style HUD.
There are few positional stats so they will not overload you with information.
Pop Ups are also maximally generic, and suitable for all common situations at the poker tables.

Before i was playing with Pop Ups that i was making by myself, and design was not that good either incomprehensible fonts. At that point, I did not really know that there are people who do this professionally. Because I play an average of 14-20 tables, the main task was to design Pop Ups that will be really effective to play with. In my opinion, there is no superfluous statistics that you will be checking once per month. And the number of Pop Ups is relatively small. After designing everything in HM2 we moved it to H2N with some modernization of the HUD. Because they will be put up for sale - objectively I will say, that they will fit the majority of players because HU and Pop Ups are not that much individual, but rather are more universal and relatively simple.

REVIEW of Ilya "Legenden" Ivanov
about the Package from PokerPopUp

Online achievements

  • I was 3 times top1 according to the rating of PocketFives
  • Three-time champion of High SCOOP
  • 3 first places of Super Tuesday from bay-other $1050
  • Numerous final tables of the main series
  • Sharing in HU Sunday Million
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