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Main characteristics:
Cash and Zoom
In the «PICK» SET is included:
  • «Pick» Pop Up photo
    «Pick» Pop Up
    29 $
  • «PICK» HUD photo
    «PICK» HUD
    9 $

«PICK» is set containing one-paneled HUD and 13 stats. Suited best for beginners as it has all needed stats without unnecessary information. This set is fitting good with «PICK» Pop Ups which designed for beginners who play FR and SH tables but also Fast tables. A small amount of Pop Ups will not get you confused when playing Pre-flop and Post-flop. Compact placed stats for raises and continuation-bets that are highlighted colorfully will help you to make quick moves against opponent's con-bets as well to coordinate your actions on all positions when playing pre-flop.

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