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Main characteristics:
Cash and Zoom
Number Pop Ups:
1 pcs
In the «CAVEMAN» SET is included:
  • «Caveman» Pop Up photo
    «Caveman» Pop Up
    29 $
  • «CAVEMAN» HUD photo
    14 $

"CAVEMAN" The set is "CAVEMAN" - one paneled HUD, which contains 19 stat. One of the best solutions for beginners! This HUD is very simple but there is everything you will need to crush your stakes. If you have a dream to move up the stakes you will definitely want to use Pop Ups that are tied up to "CAVEMAN" HUD. With the variety of stats this set provides, you can easily increase your bankroll and reach higher limits with no time. Information that stats provide you will find out player's skill level, ranges of his open raises and 3bets from different positions. Post-flop statistics is the most essential stats you will need to identify how good your opponent is, and after you will do that it will be no problem for you to exploit their's weaknesses. Also, individual color style is present in this kit.

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