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Main characteristics:
Cash and Zoom
Number Pop Ups:
7 pcs
In the «FLARES» SET is included:
  • «Flares» Pop Up photo
    «Flares» Pop Up
    44 $
  • «FLARES» HUD photo
    24 $

Pop Ups "Flares" is a brand new and comfortable Pop Ups. The main emphasis is on the numerous separation of game situations, including a separate when you play in  SB and BB positions. Professional selection of stats will help you more easily recognize what strategy opponents are using, identify errors and exploit them in more profitable ways. 


Pop Up - Limp - 1pc.

Pop Up - SBvsBB - 1pc.


Customized stats:
All the stats in this Pop Up are customized - 26 stats.
Pop Up - BB vs SB - 1pc.
Customized stats:

BBvsSB Fold to Cbet – 3 stats

BBvsSBCall Cbet– 3 stats

BBvsSBRaise Cbet– 3 stats

BBvsSBRF Cbet– 3 stats

BBvsSB Bet to SkipCbet – 3 stats

BBvsSB BetFold to Check-Raise – 3 stats


Pop Up - 3bet - 1pc.

1st Pop Up - Post-flop - 1pc.

2nd Pop Up - Post-flop - 1pc.


Customized stats:

Bet Fold IP vs MCB –3 stats


Bet Fold OOP vs MCB – 2 stat


Pop Up - Donk-bet - 1 pc.


Pop Ups are tied to the "FLARES" HUD - it's a 5-panel HUD that contains 38 stat. One of the most informative HUD's that are presented on the site, all the blocks of the HUD are clearly separated for convenience and arbitrary arrangement at the table. "FLARES" has been developed for experienced players who will be able to appreciate such a powerful tool.

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