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49 $
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Main characteristics:
Cash and Zoom
Number Pop Ups:
8 pcs
In the «SEATBELT» SET is included:
  • «Seatbelt» Pop Up photo
    «Seatbelt» Pop Up
    39 $
  • «SEATBELT» HUD photo
    19 $

This set contains Pop Ups with most necessary information and it will help you to use it against your opponent, search for weaknesses and leaks in there's game that you could exploit and get maximum profit.With the help of qualitatively selected statistics, it becomes possible to determine how strong is the hand that your opponent has, and in what situations he tends to make similar actions. It is also not possible not to mention the pleasant color scheme of Pop Ups. Pop Ups tied to "SEATBELT" HUD which is beautifully built and at the same time is really functional. It consists of 3 blocks, which contain 36 stat. Perfectly suits both beginners and already experienced players that prefer cash games on SH or FR tables. All indicators are conveniently allocated for better visual perception

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