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Main characteristics:
Cash and Zoom
Number Pop Ups:
9 pcs
In the «KNOWLEDGE» SET is included:
  • «Knowledge» Pop Up photo
    «Knowledge» Pop Up
    39 $
  • «Knowledge» HUD photo
    «Knowledge» HUD
    19 $
"Knowledge" is a four-paneled HUD that contains 40 stats. Hud is quite diverse, but at the same time, it does not contain anything superfluous. Each stat added next by other, and a lot of time has been spent when designing this HUD and color scheme and that's why you can easily find stat you need very easily. If you value full information about the pre-flop and post-flop of your opponents, then "Knowledge" is your choice!
As we know, the standard statistics from Holdem Manager2 is unable to provide 100% of the necessary information for its users. And as often happens, that amount of stats it is providing by default is just not enough.
So what are our options? "Knowledge" is one of the best solutions. This set is unique so every fan of cash game will enjoy it. Without a doubt, "Knowledge" is one of the most complete sets to date and this is why:
64 customized stat
24 heat map
A heat map is a map that shows the specific hands with which an opponent has performed an action, and it is also possible to find out with what frequency it happened. For the appearance of the heat map, just point the cursor at the Pop Up.
Now you will know ALL about your opponent and his further actions, but the opponent will not know anything important about you.
That's why we will ALWAYS be a step ahead when playing and all this thanks to "Knowledge".
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