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«DarkPower» Set

43 $
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Main characteristics:
Cash and Zoom
Number Pop Ups:
11 pcs
In the «DarkPower» Set is included:
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    14 $
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    34 $

"DarkPower" kit allows players to use Holdem Manager 2 at 100%. The HUD contains 37 stats, each designed with only one purpose: to increase your win rate at the tables.

Pre-flop, as well as post-flop decisions, will no longer take you much time because after buying this HUD you will make them in a matter of seconds!
"Dark Power" is a powerful tool for a player who has chosen cash games as his main discipline. A huge variety of statistics allows players to get information about the style of play of the opponents instantly, and also to plan in advance actions that are most profitable. Much attention was devoted to the post-flop game statistics because there you are able to find the most mistakes in your opponent's game.
Now you know that having in your arsenal "Dark Power" you will be much more prepared and skilled than your opponents.
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