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Main characteristics:
Number Pop Ups:
11 pcs
In the «COPER» SET is included:
  • «Coper» Pop Up photo
    «Coper» Pop Up
    29 $
  • «COPER» HUD photo
    9 $

This kit contains Pop Ups for the tournament's games. In has not only an excellent interface but also correctly collected statistics. In a moment when you need to focus on the really difficult decision, this kit will be your best helper. With such variety of information on the opponent he becomes predictable, which will allow you to respond to his frequent steals and re-steals and when he will continue bets, you will have no problem to raise him and take pot without seeing a showdown. Also, the brightness of the colors of this set gives the game a comfort and uniqueness. Pop Ups are tied to "COPPER" HUD. It is a 2 paneled HUD that contains 23 stat. Due to the successfully chosen color gamma, "COPER" is very easily perceived by the eyes, in a matter of seconds all your opponent's weak spots become clear and you have an opportunity to exploit them.

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