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Main characteristics:
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8 pcs
In the «CRACKS» SET is included:
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    «Cracks» Pop Up
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This kit contains "CRACKS" HUD - this is a 7 paneled HUD, which contains 43 stat. Designed in light colors, with advanced indicators for post-flop games, it is recommended to more experienced players who play MTT, MTSNG, SNG. This kit is tied up with HUD that designed specially for tournaments. The balanced statistics allows you to know the aggression of an opponent on a pre-flop and post-flop but also how he plays on all streets and what his ranges are of continuation bets and raises, as well as stats for multi pots and 3bet pots. Thanks to this information, you will see every step of the opponent in each of the positions, and you can strategically correctly play against him, which will undoubtedly affect your stack. Every player that will buy this kit will appreciate all the benefits of it just after the few seconds after he will start his games. 

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