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Main characteristics:
Number Pop Ups:
9 pcs
In the «MELLONCOLLIE» SET is included:
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    «Melloncollie» Pop Up
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This kit contains Pop Usp for the tournament games. Looking at it will give you some relaxation and peace of mind when playing, which is really important. The greater compilation of statistical data in compactly made Pop Ups will save not only time but money. A huge variety of stats that are collected in this set will save you not only time but also your money. The ranges of open raises, 3bets, steals and many other parameters will be in front of you, for an unmistakable pre-flop game. Also for the profitable post-flop game, this set will help you to make bets, raises, and chech-raises more correctly and as you know "fewer mistakes = more profit". This all together will bring a lot of pleasure from the game and of course, you will be at the top of the pedestal much more often. Pop Ups that are included in this set are tied to the HUD - and it is a 5 paneled HUD that contains 35 stats. Its main advantage is the placement of the main indicators in different blocks, which allows you to place them at the tables in the form that suits you best. "MELLONCOLLIE" will become a useful assistant for all MTT, MTSNG, SNG players.

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