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Main characteristics:
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8 pcs
In the «FRESH» SET is included:
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    «Fresh» Pop Up
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"Fresh"  is a compact but at the same time balanced set. Pop Ups that included will show you not only the opponent's style of play but also what actions he takes when playing pre-flop and post-flop. With this kit, you can use every wrong move of an opponent against him and also take home large banks, replenishing your stack. "FRESH" HUD is a very functional and informative HUD for experienced players. 3 paneled HUD contains 36 stats, which, for convenience and perception, are made in different colors and fonts. The detailed information for pre-flop and post-flop will allow you to beat even the strongest players of your limit.

"ES Magic" is a 4 paneled HUD that contains 23 stat. The stats have been carefully selected so that you can easily make an important decision at the table in seconds. 
Having many years of experience in the field of creating Pop AoUps, the main goal of the developer of this set  was the idea of how to simplify the search for the necessary information with all the diversity of poker statistics and see the necessary point of statistics a moment before making an important decision at the poker table.
The Pop Up data contains complete information about all possible game scenarios at the table. You can easily access complex post-flop stat, as well as detailed pre-flop information. Now you can easily beat your impassable limit because now against the opponents you will have a powerful weapon - in the form of our "ES Magic" kit.
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