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I asked to make a Pop Ups on demand and got it already in the evening. I'm very satisfied with if after testing, everything turned out as I wanted. Thank!


Thank you FunPokerrr) everything was done very professionally and on the highest level! everything turned out perfectly well! amazing! I advise everyone to contact !!!


Really cool Pop Ups! well done!


At one time, I spent a lot of time studying NoteCaddy and building Pop Ups for HM2 by myself, now it became necessary to use PT4 and decided to go a radically different way by ordering Pop Ups from people who develop them professionally.

I am very pleased with the results as Pop Ups made up perfectly, and the time saved I spend on the game. I recommend as excellent professionals in their field, which significantly increases my proficiency with a tracker. If you use NoteCaddy, then you have no other way just to order the services of this company.


Since I switched to PT4, I faced the fact that after HM1 I can not perceive PT4 HUD and Pop Ups. So after some researching at the forum, I found this topic. After talking with the author in Skype, I ordered myself this amazing Pop Ups

Very satisfied, the author is very professional. He helped me to install, configure and tie HUD with this Pop Ups. In addition to HUD and Pop Ups he performs a large range of work, so please contact. I guarantee the quality;)


I made a request to make Pop Ups as I saw in one video and, in general, did not know what exactly I wanted. If the general concept of the Pop Ups was decided quickly, to figure out small nuances took a little bit longer, although it was my fault that i wanted to change color and font sizes so many times. I asked many idiotic questions (as I understood afterward), but they patiently communicated with me and explained what will suit my needs bets. If to summarize, communication was very polite and, if necessary, very can produce Pop Ups and HUDs very quickly you just need to know what you need.


Very good Pop Ups, Thanks!


Thank! It's nice that there are still good people around!


Thank you for 10th Pop Up! :D


Order Pop Ups for HM2 :appl: :appl: :appl:


Thank you for your work!


Excellently did everything I needed .. quickly and efficiently.


I ordered Pop Ups in this statistics workshop, they did everything professionally and efficiently, at a very reasonable price.
I did  not have time neither knowledge to do it by myself but now this amazing Pop Ups ar at my disposal, I advise everyone.


Honest exchange, polite communication.


Very good Pop Ups I'm very happy with my purchase!


Bought Pop Ups, and now I'm happy as an elephant, although I'm not very familiar with HM and i need to figure it out for a little bit. Thanks to this company for not only developing such things and selling them but also helping to configure and install all package. Lebronka thanks, you saved me 6 bucks.

This is how they look:


Everyone should buy those!


I was choosing Pop Ups for weeks. The author waited patiently for my decision. If I had a question it was answered with all technical details I needed.
Bottom line: yesterday I installed new Pop Ups and played for all night immediately! Normal flight


After 5 years of work on the HM1, I could not switch to HM2 because of the visually unusual Pop Ups and HUD. He addressed with the question of remaking the HUD for HM2 same as I had in HM1.

Now i'm pleased with my new HUD. Qualitatively, quickly and inexpensively. Assisted with configuration with TeamViewer. Thank!


A man knows his business, is adequate, helped me with HUD for spins! I think in the future I will buy  HUD for other disciplines! Thank!


I've seen enough of different Pop Ups, so I decided ah yes I  will make them by myself, damn I was torturing myself, it is not that easy as I looks to design a Pop Ups. I spat on the whole thing wrote message on Skype to Sergey, and I immediately got new Pop Ups for myself. Thanks a lot.

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