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«aJarov & Fukuruku» Package

119 $
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Main characteristics:
Positional and Static
Number Pop Ups:
20 pcs
In the «aJarov & Fukuruku» Package is included:
1 hud
20 popups
Numbers of statistics in the HUD
Numbers of statistics in the Pop Ups

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This package for Hand2Note was designed and compiled by aJarov and Fukuruku for playing on a large number of tables. With this approach to playing MTT, the optimization of the workspace takes one of the first lines in the list of necessary conditions, and the compactness of the HUD without harming its quality, among other things. Hand2Note helps with this, which allows you to display one position indicator instead of several (raise first by positions, cbets in position / without position, etc.), and you can take the saved space by other statistics, which in other programs would make thin too tedious. In the presented set, like aJarov and Fukuruku mentioned above, this set contains necessary stats for grinding 20+ tables at the same time, with minimal need to look at the Pop Ups in non-default situations or complex hand. At the same time, we can not say that there is something missing in it, thanks to the unique features of Hand2Note.

Fukuruku: I received HUD, created by pokerpopup.ru for me (Fukuruku) and aJarov'a.

Over the past 7 years, our HUD has undergone many changes. Starting from two lines and 8 stats for 6max cash, ending with 36 stats for each opponent. This transformation we made in the last couple of years. In addition to basic information such as VPIP / PFR HUD stats should provide an opportunity to build a strategy for the draw against a particular opponent, starting with preflop. Playing 5-6 rooms and 20-24 tables, you need to save time, displaying minimum stats in the HUD. At the same time, there can (and should!) be as much as possible a wide range of statistics, which can help in a very thin spot. When designing this HUD, we tried to use all the new possibilities offered by H2N in order to achieve maximum convenience and efficiency of our game. Thanks to the team pokerpopup.ru for the fast and high-quality created HUD for these grinders.

aJarov: HUD is amazing and I for sure will play with it for rest of my life!

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Online achievements

Some achievements of the guys in online poker:

  • 3way deal in TCOOP
  • Final tables WCOOP, SCOOP, FTOPS
  • Victories and final tables in Powerfest, Sunday500, Sunday Highroller BI 2100 $
  • Тop4 SCOOP Super Tuesday BI $ 2100
  • Тop2 Sunday Warm-Up
  • Тop1 Sunday Rebuy

Offline achievements

Some achievements of the guys in offline poker:

  • Top1 WPT Prague 2016
  • Final table BI 2100$ Turbo
  • Final table BI 2100$ Hyper-Turbo EPT 2017
  • Top1 BPT Main Event
  • Top2 EPT BI €2100 6-Max Turbo
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