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"AJAROV & FUKURUKUOver the past 7 years, our HUD has undergone many changes. Starting from two lines and 8 stats for 6max cash, ending with 36 stats for each opponent. This transformation we made in the last couple of years. In addition to basic information such as VPIP / PFR HUD stats should provide an opportunity to build a strategy for the draw against a particular opponent, starting with preflop. Playing 5-6 rooms and 20-24 tables, you need to save time, displaying minimum stats in the HUD. At the same time, there can (and should!) be as much as possible a wide range of statistics, which can help in a very thin spot. When designing this HUD, we tried to use all the new possibilities offered by H2N in order to achieve maximum convenience and efficiency of our game. Thanks to the team pokerpopup.ru for the fast and high-quality created HUD for these grinders.

"AJAROV and FUKURUKU" set - This is a detailed technical explanation of HUD , Pop Ups and everything that this package contains and you should work with it. 

"Legenden" Package is a collaboration with the top MTT player "Legenden". This is very multipurpose HUD and intuitively simple so it will suit players from beginner to advanced level because it's very classical style HUD.
There are few positional stats so they will not overload you with information.
Pop Ups are also maximally generic and suitable for all common situations at the poker tables.

"Legenden" Package (Technical video) - it is a technical video that will explain all the features of this package.

This package was developed by the support of online MTT professional Leonid Logunov, there is nothing superfluous in it, only everything you will need for modern tournament games. Convenient HUD will allow you easily evaluate the style that your opponent likes in many different situations, and detailed Pop Ups to understand what you need to do in common and some tricky spots, both pre-flop and post-flop.

"Vomani DreamHud"

Over the past few years, the poker game has been dynamically developing and changing.

The same can be said about poker software. All the time there are new programs that help improve your skills and abilities.

H2N offers interesting opportunities for gathering information and analyzing the game at the table.

Namely, this positional Hud. Which can display different statistics on opponents, depending on the location to your at the table!

It is very convenient to use during the game. At the moment, many players play a large number of tables, resulting in a lot of information on the players they seat together with.

You need to be able to quickly use this information and find what you need in a short period of time.

This feature is implemented in this kit.

In the kit, all necessary statistics on opponents are presented (considering where they sit in relation to you). It is divided into information about the preflop game and the post-flop game.

In Pop Ups, more detailed information about the opponent is provided. And those features are:

 - Extended statistics for Open Raising, 3 Bet, folding to 3 Bet, etc. Depending on the depth of the opponent's stack. Which is very important at the moment. You can see the dynamics.

 - Expanded 3-betting AI and 3-betting non-AI, as well in different depths of the stack

 - Expanded indicators of the raise of the fest and open push, and also in every stack depth

 - Advanced indicators position vs position

 - Expanded post-flop performance, various post-flop lines are added (such as: Bet / check / Bet, or check / check / bet, etc.)

 - A separate Pop Up SBvsBB where you can see the preflop game of opponents and the postflop game of opponents, depending on the preflop action (limp-raise, limp-count, limp check, etc.)

 And a lot of other interesting and useful things!

"Pro PokerMaster" Package

This package was designed specifically for Poker Master poker room with the addition of a Straddle position. When developing the package, the main emphasis was placed on the fact that there is no possibility of downloading the mining in the room and the problem with the number of samples will become relevant. Therefore the statistics in the HUD vary depending on the number of hands - from "Total" to "on position", and in the Pop Ups  you will see only clear and most needed information when playing in this specific poker room.

"Pro PokerMaster" Package - detailed video for all stats and features that this package contains.

"GAMELEON" Package. This package is designed for the Gameleon poker school. Pop Ups designed and structured according to the recommendations of the school coaches. All stats used in Pop Ups are conveniently selected for excellent playing sessions. The layout of Pop Ups and HUD will allow you to quickly make a decision in any given situation. The color scheme is pleasant and will allow you to play long and relaxed sessions

You can order this package by contacting Skype funpokerrr or emailing funpokerrr@yandex.ru


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