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Main characteristics:
Number Pop Ups:
12 pcs
In the «KINK» SET is included:
  • «Kink» Pop Up photo
    «Kink» Pop Up
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  • «KINK» HUD photo
    «KINK» HUD
    9 $

This kit contains "KINK" HUD - very functional and informative for the experienced MTT, MTSNG, SNG players. 4 Panel HUD contains 41 stats, which, for convenience and perception, are made in different colors and fonts. The detailed information for pre-flop and post-flop games will allow you to beat even the strongest players of your limit. Pop Ups that comes in this kit are designed for specially for tournaments. Thanks to this set of your game will be much faster, finding leaks of your opponents and exploit them in real time will not be so difficult. Having all the information that this kit provides building a strategy against an opponent will not take too much time, knowing what style he plays, his aggression on each street and how often he wins on showdown. With the help of the information in the Pop Ups, you will make fewer mistakes, accurately assess the situation when playing with different opponents and chose your range more wisely both on pre-flop and post-flop. And the ease of design of this kit will only help you to relax and have fun.

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